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City wins five statewide awards for communications

Published on June 10, 2024 under RRnews
City wins five statewide awards for communications

The City of Round Rock’s Communications and Marketing Department won five statewide awards for the team’s communication efforts at the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) 50th anniversary conference, which took place in San Antonio from June 5-7.

[Left to Right] Multimedia Specialist Neil Scanlon, Public Information Specialist Courtney Ainsworth, Assistant Director Austin Ellington, Public Information Specialist Rell Rugely, Digital Designer Jesse Davis and Director Sara Bustilloz received five statewide awards on behalf of the City’s Communications and Marketing Department at the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers conference.

“Local government communications are vital for fostering transparency, public engagement, community building, and effective service delivery,” said Sara Bustilloz, Round Rock’s Director of Communications and Marketing. “Our team is grateful to have such a great story to tell in Round Rock, as well as a community that is so active and engaged in helping us make this a great place to live.”

The City’s first place TAMI awards were for:

Round Rock Public Library Rebrand – Best Marketing Plan or Campaign (Cities with population from 50,000-150,000)

  • With the opening of the new Round Rock Public Library, the City of Round Rock developed a robust brand to match the professionalism and energy expected by its residents. Objectives included securing buy-in and engagement from library leadership, developing a unique graphic identity for RRPL, equipping library staff with brand standards guidelines, providing brand training and a Canva library for staff use, and ensuring branding consistency with existing City brands. The City of Round Rock developed a comprehensive brand kit and provided extensive staff training. The brand was successfully integrated into social posts, newsletters, and the website, and it was prominently featured during the library’s grand opening, enhancing visibility. This new brand provided a cohesive and visually appealing identity for the library, enhancing the overall experience and fostering a stronger community connection.

    Winter Weather Social Media Response – Best Social Media Campaign (Unplanned)

    • Faced with another forecasted winter weather event in January 2024, the City of Round Rock aimed to provide calming and informative communications to prepare residents for an upcoming freeze. Goals included providing timely information about incoming winter weather and preparedness tips, reinforcing the City’s communication channels as the primary source of information during critical incidents, addressing residents’ weather-related concerns with a calm, human-centered approach, and preventing unnecessary panic buying and over-escalation. The campaign achieved 383,847 total impressions and 31,023 engagements, with an 8.1% engagement rate. The City used creative and engaging content, including a Texas-style PSA and an Annie-inspired weather meme. Positive resident feedback highlighted the campaign’s effectiveness in providing essential information while maintaining a calm and engaging tone.

    The City’s efforts earned second best in state for the following:

    2023 Budget Video – Best Educational PSA (Cities with population from 75,000-150,000)

      • To educate residents about the City’s budget and tax rate, the City of Round Rock created a Wes Anderson-themed video that captured attention and conveyed complex information in an accessible manner. The goals were to create an engaging video to educate residents about the budget and tax rate, promote the City as a financially sound provider of high-value services, and leverage the popular Wes Anderson trend to enhance engagement. The video achieved 261,836 total impressions and 7,682 engagements on social media, with 630 hours and 50 minutes of total watch time. This creative approach made budget information engaging and accessible, fostering better understanding and appreciation of the City’s financial management.

      Historic Downtown Walking Guide – Best Special Publication (Cities with population from 50,000-150,000)

      • The Historic Downtown Walking Guide aimed to bring together the vibrant nature of modern-day Downtown Round Rock with its rich history. The map leads visitors and residents through 1.7 miles of the historic heart of the city, highlighting 41 significant landmarks. The map was first distributed during Historic Preservation Month in May 2023 to educate residents and visitors about Downtown Round Rock’s historical significance, blending Downtown marketing brand standards with historic preservation needs, and appealing to a broad audience including heritage enthusiasts, tourists and Round Rock residents. The guide saw the distribution of 1,462 copies since that time and was successfully rebranded with modern graphics and historical integrity. Social media promotion garnered over 10,000 impressions. Positive feedback highlighted the guide’s quality and relevance.

        “Things That are Hot” Heat Advisory – Best Special Publication (Cities with population from 50,000-150,000)

        • During a record-breaking summer heat in Texas, the City of Round Rock aimed to issue a heat-related advisory that captured attention and effectively communicated important safety information. Goals included breaking through the noise and capturing residents’ attention regarding heat advisories, creating an engaging and shareable graphic to communicate heat safety information, and increasing community engagement and spreading awareness through social media. The campaign achieved 94,400 organic impressions and 7,300 engagements, with a 7.8% engagement rate. It was also featured by a local news media outlet, further spreading the message. Resident feedback was overwhelmingly positive, praising the creative and engaging approach. This campaign made critical heat safety information more accessible and engaging, increasing awareness and encouraging residents to share the message, amplifying its reach.

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        Source: City of Round Rock